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 Conveyancing & Property Law


Transactions involving land are amongst the most financially significant issues most of us confront in our lifetimes.  It makes good sense therefore to engage a legal practitioner to do your conveyancing.  This way, any legal issues which arise can be properly identified and attended to immediately.


The cost of conveyancing services varies with the complexity of the transaction, the value of the property or properties in question, the amount of information which needs to be collected and the number of attendances required to bring your purchase or sale to finality.  I will be happy to make an assessment of your proposed transaction and provide you with an estimate.


Some common types of Conveyancing and Property Law transactions include:

Buying/selling real estate
Buying/selling businesses
Subdivisions and Boundary Realignments
Transfers of land
Caveats to protect an interest in land
Water Entitlements